What to do before and after we clean your floors


Thank you for trusting us with your home and fine furnishings!

When we’re finished, your home will be sparkling, fresh and beautiful – guaranteed! Here are some suggestions to help both of us:

  • Please advise your Cleaning Specialist upon arrival about any special requirements to follow on moving your furniture, weak legs, loose tops, etc. WCS will move a fair amount of light items at no charge, but heavy items will incur an additional charge.
  • Remove all breakable items from furniture which will have to be temporarily moved from its regular location to properly clean your carpet.
  • Any small pieces of furniture such as dining room chairs, magazine racks, etc. that you can remove from the carpet to be cleaned will shorten processing time and return the carpet to normal use sooner.
  • Please pin up any full length draperies so they are at least six inches off the carpet.
  • The more vacuuming the better, but the WCS team will vacuum as a part of their cleaning process.
  • A working HVAC unit is necessary for the carpets to properly dry. The Cleaning Specialist will tell you which thermostat setting is best for optimal drying. Generally, the carpet is dry between six and twelve hours after the cleaning. If faster drying is required, air movers can be rented for an additional charge.
  • The Cleaning Specialist will leave all ceiling fans running so please make them aware if there are any ceiling fan issues.
  • Please call to your Cleaning Specialist’s attention any spots or stains which may require special techniques and identify the staining agent if possible.
  • For your pet’s peace of mind (and ours!) please put them in a safe place where our cleaning won’t disturb them.
  • Don’t forget to make all occupants aware of the slip and fall hazards created by our hot water extraction cleaning process.
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Special after-care information:

  • Please leave your plastic tabs or blocks under your furniture for at least 24-36 hours after cleaning. Make sure the carpet is bone dry before placing furniture back. If it is physically difficult for you to remove the tabs, please call us and we’ll help.
  • For the safety of children and pets, please do not let them crawl or lay on the carpet until it is completely dry.
  • Some deep-set oily and protein stains will be removed during cleaning, but over a period of time they may “resurface” from the pad. If this happens, just give us a call. We have a special reduced rate for “re-occurring stains”.